The Tale of Two Brothers: Bringing Verta to Life

In the heart of Paris, an extraordinary journey unfolded, led by two brothers, Bassel and Bill, driven by a profound sense of purpose.

Verta's Transformative Journey

Their journey began as a response to the pressing issue of city pollution, a challenge that resonated deeply with them. It was a journey inspired not only by a desire to create change but also by a personal mission to honor a beloved father who had faced a relentless battle with multiple myeloma cancer, likely linked to his work as an interior architect and exposure to high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde.

Over four years, they faced relentless challenges, unforeseen setbacks, and moments of doubt that tested the very limits of their determination. But through it all, they found their true purpose.

Their creation of Verta emerged as more than just a product. It became a symbol of their unwavering commitment to combating pollution. Like the ecosystem they admired, Verta seamlessly balanced technology and nature, purifying the air, maintaining ideal humidity, and nurturing greenery. It was their way of mirroring the miracles of Earth's ecosystems.

Their hope is that Verta's success would not only enrich lives but also partially fund the meaningful projects of their NGO arm, Rootsupsolutions. Their dream is to design and develop low-tech solutions like dew collectors, community water wells, self-sustaining farming among other projects, all aimed at supporting vulnerable communities impacted by climate change.

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