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Verta® Smart Eco-friendly Air Purifier & Self-watering Planter

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  • Sustainable Air Filters: Leverages 100% Natural & Washable Filters such as Plants, Bamboo Activated Charcoal and Nano-Tech to help filter the air from VOCs, smoke, odors and other pollutants.
  • Humidity Control and Self-watering: Extracts excess humidity and recycles the dew to self-water plants for enhanced growth.
  • Multi-functionality: Enjoy LED mood-adjusting lights and customizable timers for plant watering and grow lights, creating a soothing ambiance.
  • Smart Technology Integration: Control and monitor your Verta from anywhere with the user-friendly app, adjusting settings and checking air quality.
  • Sustainable Design: Crafted with sustainable materials, including 100% recycled wood and packaging, reducing environmental impact.
  • User-Friendly and Intuitive: Hassle-free experience to improve indoor air quality and nurture plants effortlessly.
  • 2 FREE Filters Included: 1x Washable Nano Tech Filter and 1x Bamboo Activated Charcoal Bag.

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    Verta® Smart Eco-friendly Air Purifier & Self-watering Planter
    Woman reading on sofa, enjoying clean air beside Verta&
    Plant watering app feature displayed, demonstrating Verta&
    Verta Eco Friendly Sustainable Air Purifier Sprinkler System in Action, Watering the Plant with Precision.
    Woman demonstrating Verta&
    Customer taking out Verta&
    Customer inserting 100% natural biodegradable eco-friendly bamboo charcoal bag filter into the device.
    Woman filling the 1L (33.8 oz) water tank of the self-watering planter with water, content and pleased.
    A lady practicing yoga and meditation beside Verta Eco-Friendly Air Purifier, experiencing pure, invigorating forest air for relaxation and revitalization.
    Customer enjoying white noise from Verta Natural Air Purifier, adjusting 7 LED mood lights for the perfect sleep ambiance.
    Customer effortlessly detaching air-purifying plant from Verta Air Purifier, showcasing user-friendly design. Detachable planter features perforation for plants&
    Customer detaching Verta 4-in-1 Eco-Friendly Air Purifier&
    Customer using Verta&

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews
    Henry Collins
    Absolutely love it

    This things works like magic!!! There’s so much Mold in my basement and this helps keep humidity low and it’s clever that you don’t need to empty the water tank manually it just circulates back to water my peace lily super smart! Air purifier with a swag.

    david s.

    Good purifier and i like the automatic irrigation system, although it would be nice if they sell plants here too so we can buy everything all at ocne.


    Chad cook
    I bought 3 only received 2 :s

    I’m not sure if my third one is on the way but I bought the bundle deal of 3 Verta’s! I emailed customer service and still didn’t hear back. The watering tech is pretty cool I gotta admit the air filter is quiet, good smart tech.

    Rachel Stewart
    Loveeeee it

    Seriously this is by far the prettiest IoT product I’ve purchased, I have had issues with pairing but these guys jump on a call with you to sort it out instantly. Bill the founder is super friendly and you can literally reach him anytime if you face any issues. My filter already needs washing, and the watering is beautiful!

    Tara Baker

    Great design and concept! I don't know if this will make a difference yet in my allergies, ill update my review later, at least my plant is happy for now :D. But overall, for someone who is extremely eco conscious I am happy to know that this company's focus is on sustainability and giving back to communities suffering from climate change.