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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Verta Air work?

Verta Air combines advanced air purification technology with the natural power of plants, bamboo activated charcoal filters and washable nano tech virus filters. Enjoy clean air as the plants naturally filter pollutants, and the charcoal absorbs odors and harmful substances. The optional ionizer enhances the air purification process, providing an extra layer of freshness.

How do I control the Verta Air purifier?

Verta Air can be controlled in multiple ways:

  • Smartphone App: Download the app from the App Store or Google Play for complete control over fan speed, humidity regulation, mood-adjusting lights, optional ionizer settings and more.
  • Physical Remote Control: Use the included physical remote control for convenient access to all purifier features, including manual and auto modes.
How does the self-watering planter work?

Verta Air features a smart self-watering planter that expertly nurtures your indoor plants. Through the intuitive smartphone app, you can effortlessly set the watering schedule for automatic care. Additionally, for moments of delight and to impress your friends and family, we've included a manual watering button in the app. Simply tap the button to give your plants a personal touch of attention and showcase the magic of Verta Air's self-watering feature. Your green oasis awaits, whether it's on automatic mode or your own loving care.

What are the LED mood-adjusting lights?

Verta Air's LED mood-adjusting lights offer a dual functionality, enhancing your indoor environment in both auto and manual modes. In auto mode, the lights intelligently adapt to the pollution level, creating a calming blue glow when the air is clean, and changing colors accordingly to signify the air quality. On the other hand, when in manual mode, you have full control to set the perfect ambiance. Choose from a delightful palette of 8 LED light colors to suit your mood and preferences. Whether it's a serene blue or a vibrant red, the LED lights add an enchanting touch to your living space, giving you the freedom to create the ideal atmosphere for any occasion.

Tell me more about the optional UVC grow light lamp accessory.

For plant enthusiasts looking to cultivate greenery in areas with limited sunlight, Verta Air offers an optional UVC grow light accessory. This add-on is designed to provide plants with the essential light they need to thrive in dark or low-light environments. Simply connect the UVC grow light to Verta Air's built-in USB port, and watch your plants flourish even in the coziest corners of your home.

By purchasing the UVC grow light accessory, you can now transform any spot into a thriving green oasis. Give your plants the nurturing they deserve, irrespective of the sunlight availability. Enhance their growth and bring a touch of nature to every nook and cranny with Verta Air's UVC grow light accessory.